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Dear Reader,

I, Sassy Jane, bid you welcome to Novel Ideas: Modern Musings on the Long Nineteenth Century. As the Novel Ideas publicist extraordinaire, I write this post on behalf of the editors, who are in the process of moving their intellectual headquarters to Columbus, Ohio; once acclimated to their new habitats, they will sharpen their quills, fill their inkwells, and begin preparing the content for the blog’s greatly anticipated inaugural series of major monthly articles. We appreciate your patience as you await the official Novel Ideas launch and contend with the inevitable mounting suspense – a worthy tribulation for a worthy cause, we assure you.

Novel Ideas Headquarters?

To alleviate some of this pent-up anxiety in the meantime, please make yourself at home and explore the freshly minted Novel Ideas website at your leisure. Familiarize yourself with the nuts and bolts of Novel Ideas by visiting the About page, which contains a detailed explanation of the blog’s mission and goals, post content information, and netiquette procedures for your perusing pleasure. Learn more about the resident literary sages behind the creation of Novel Ideas on the Editors page, where you will find their academic profiles and contact information. I also suggest taking a gander at the Recommended Resources page, an apt location from which to commence any manner of long-nineteenth-century-related online browsing. I invoke sentiments conveyed on the About page when I implore you, reader, to message the editors with any questions, suggestions, or comments that occur to you during your survey of the website; Novel Ideas utterly depends on reader feedback for its prosperity – nay, its very survival!

In closing, I invite you to subscribe to Novel Ideas and receive e-mail notifications of new posts by clicking the corresponding button on the home page. I also recommend following Novel Ideas on Facebook by “liking” the blog’s fan page, which will channel various updates through your account’s news feed. The editors and I look forward to interacting with you as we embark upon our collaborative investigation of the long nineteenth century.

Anachronistically yours,

Sassy Jane, Novel Ideas Publicist