Novel Ideas

A Modest Entreaty


Dear Reader,

“Reader, I ardently insist that you commit to actively engaging on Novel Ideas (an undertaking conveniently conducive to regular baby consumption). Go forth with renewed vigor and commence your valiant quest! The Swift has spoken.”

Warmest greetings from your favorite long-nineteenth-century blog publicist!  The Novel Ideas editors and I are endlessly appreciative of your support for this burgeoning blog endeavor; the project would surely founder without the unwavering commitment of our beloved readership.1  It is with this sobering fact in mind that I (alongside renown satirist Jonathan Swift) feel compelled to present a modest entreaty for more active blog participation.  We strongly encourage you to share your musings with the Novel Ideas community by leaving comments in the response fields that follow each post.  The editors and I earnestly seek your thoughts on any and all blog content:  the site should function as a collaborative, interactive discourse between long-nineteenth-century enthusiasts, not a one-sided conversation between the editors.  Dearest Reader, I invoke the sentiments of the Novel Ideas mission when I say that the blog’s health and intellectual vivacity ultimately rest with you!

On a related note, I’m pleased to announce that the editors have started preparing the major monthly articles for the September/October cycle.  In other words, Reader, new opportunities to dazzle the Novel Ideas cadre with your own reflections are on the horizon.  In keeping with autumnal spirit, the next article series will extend the discussion of the long nineteenth century beyond the corporeal and enter the supernatural realm.  Irresistibly tantalizing ghostly, gothic, and grotesquely inspired posts await you – and the editors and I eagerly await your equally enticing feedback in turn.

A Novel Ideas reader immersed in a gothic tale

During the interim, whet your analytical appetite by pursuing Novel Ideas for odds and ends that tickle your academic, historical, and literary fancies.  I recommend the posts from the most recent major monthly article series on the long nineteenth century in film, “Marie Antoinette Wore Converse” and “A New Way to Brontë” – the latest additions to the blog’s “Reason & Romanticism” and “Virtually Victorian” subsections (respectively) – and the newest “Selection from the News Stand” post, “No, I Really Mean It.”  Also, consider visiting the Recommended Resources page for an extensive list of Novel Ideas-themed links; log on to Facebook and “like” the Novel Ideas fan page to have announcements of posts and assorted long-nineteenth-century tidbits sent through your account news feed; and contact the editors with suggestions for overall site improvement.  I now close my post by asking you, dear Reader, to champion the project by inviting friends to subscribe to the blog, “like” the Facebook fan page, and, of course, actively participate in the Novel Ideas exploration of the long nineteenth century.

Anachronistically yours,

Sassy Jane, Novel Ideas Publicist

1.  The 1997 film Titanic alludes to one of the most widely accepted historical conjectures surrounding the sinking of the legendary vessel:  the ship undoubtedly would have endured the iceberg collision if its blog had managed to maintain a lively, interactive readership.  Cruel, cruel Fate!

Captain Edward John Smith and Titanic crew members could have easily avoided this lamentable catastrophe by adhering to protocols for basic blog maintenance